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Card Customizer: Common Questions

You'll find the answers to some of the most common Card Customizer questions in this section. If you don't find the answer you were looking for, please be sure to contact us.

I keep getting an error message when I visit your site. Please help!
This website relies on Web 2.0 technologies such as JavaScript, AJAX, DHTML and CSS. If you have your browser settings configured to suppress any of these technologies, you may receive an error message. Your browser may prompt you to allow our website access to these controls, and we encourage you to do so for complete access to this site. The Card Customizer requires that you have the latest Flash player installed.
It’s free and easy to install, click here to get the plug-in.

How do I change the wording?

After you have clicked “Customize Now” on any product page, a smaller window will launch with your selected design and dotted textblocks which are pre-formatted with sample text. Select any of the text by highlighting it with your mouse cursor (you’ll know it’s selected when the text is highlighted with a black background). Then you can begin typing in your text as you would with any other text editor. Use your “Enter” key to create line breaks, delete key to remove text and your arrow keys to move around within the textblock.

Can I change the fonts and colors?
Yes! We encourage you to use the Card Customizer to visualize different font and color combinations. Select the text you want to change by highlighting it with your mouse cursor. You can then use the dropdown menus along the top of the Customizer (Font Name, Size, Color and Alignment) to alter your text. Once you are pleased with the look and layout of your card you can enter your initials in the “Initial to approve” box and proceed with your order placement.

Can I request a font or color not shown?
Definitely!  We have many font styles and colors not shown on our website that can be substituted.

How do I make a special font style or color request?
Select the “Comments” tab  at the top of  the personalization page and tell us what color and font style you would prefer.  Next, select the “Text” tab and enter  the text you would like to add.  The best way to avoid delays or added expense is to spend a little time  creating the initial text layout.  This will give us a guideline letting us know  where you want to place the text lines and which text areas you may want larger, smaller, bold,  etc.  Two email proofs are included with each personalized purchase if needed.  We can make the requested color and font style change  on the initial proof and email it for your review.  If further changes are requested, another proof will be sent.  Change requests thereafter are $10 per proof (each change requires a proof).  Orders cannot be printed until we have an email confirmation giving final approval of the proof.

Can I change the greeting verse inside the Christmas card?
In many cases yes.  Many of our designs are now available for personalization with and without a greeting.   When you click on the red "Personalize" button of a particular design, a new screen will appear with both options if they are available.  Order as early as possible for the best selection of designs that can be ordered without a pre-printed greeting.   For designs that are only availabe with the pre-printed greeting, you can personalize the text further by adding as many lines of text that will fit within the dotted text box.  We recommend using a contrasting color for the added text as we cannot perfectly match the red ink of the pre-printed greeting.

Can I add our company logo or signatures?
Yes!  Please visit our Artwork Submission page for details and pricing for this service. 

I made edits to a card and I want to save it and continue later – how do I do this?
Once you have made edits to a card and added it to your Cart, the system will remember your settings and will automatically re-populate a personalized card when you access it by clicking “Edit” on the item from your Cart.

If I add text to the text area, it shifts up or disappears. What’s wrong?
It’s possible that you have added extra line breaks (by hitting the “Enter” key), or you may have selected a font name or font size that caused your text to expand out of the viewable area. If this happens, click within the textblock and use your up or down arrows to scroll through the text.

I want to copy or paste text in the dotted text area. How do I do this?
To copy text from a textblock, select the text you want, then right-click to bring up the context menu. You’ll see an option Copy - choose this and your text will be added to your system’s clipboard. You can paste that text elsewhere on your computer. Alternatively, you can copy text to your clipboard from another source and select the Paste option (using the same method as above) to add text to a textblock.

Do you provide a proof of my text and font choices?
Yes, each order includes two complimentary proofs. Even if you have used our online Card Customizer, you will still receive a professionally typeset proof by email within 1-2 business days. You then have the option to approve the first proof or request minor changes (font color/style edits or versing changes). You’ll receive your second complimentary proof within 1-2 business days if you request changes. Additional proofs thereafer are $15 each.

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